So here we are

Seriously, so here we are. I am now 48 years old and on this day of my birth I am writing this missive rather than getting a good night’s sleep.  No matter, I function on 5-6 hours of sleep, so what can I begin with?

I have decided to undertake a 2 year plan for betterment of myself, culminating on my 50th birthday (should I arrive at that destination.) This nebulous plan involves all of the usual moving parts (eat less, exercise more, finish projects long neglected around the house, be a better husband and father) but in essence what I really want to achieve is a greater degree of happiness for myself and those around me.

Happiness is a hard thing to aim for and even more difficult to establish as a goal, especially when you’ve never really though of yourself as particularly happy, but with the balance of my years shifting to the past, it’s hard to continue to do the same things over again looking always for a different result. So it’s time for me to take stock, responsibility and stop putting off the necessary work that has gone wanting.  I need to be a more contented person in order to be a more immediate and effective unit.

To that end, I will be writing about the upcoming 2013 NFL season, something that has always had an immense impact on my life and something that I cannot imagine being outside of. I may not still be a season ticket holder (hell, it was in Buffalo and I only had them to see the Pats once a year) but I am involved in Christ knows how many pools, fantasy leagues and watch every Pats game like it was a blood oath.  I will write about many teams, topics and experiences this football season, but it will be through the lens of a man making a trip from, well not nothing, but from there to where I want to be.

Looking forward to this strangely.


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